The Company

The Company

Hollins Strategic Land acquire a diverse range of land and property based on the following arrangements:

  • Option Agreements
  • Conditional Purchase
  • Unconditional Purchase
  • Planning Promotional Agreements
  • Joint Ventures and Special Purpose Vehicles

Our established in-house team together with some of the best allied professionals in the business have a long and demonstrable track record in successful site identification, regeneration and remediation, house building, commercial development and ultimately project delivery. Our unique blend of knowledge and experience enables us to understand the complex issues associated with a wide and diverse range of projects thus maximising the value and benefit to all the relevant stakeholders on every land and development opportunity.

The promotion strategy applied to each site we control is always carefully thought out and we open pro-active dialogue with the planning authority and relevant stakeholders at an early stage. Our land promotion strategy is delivering notable success throughout the region and beyond.

The Company currently controls and is promoting in excess of 140 acres of land across a number of sites with significant development potential which together have a gross development value in excess of £250 million.

The increasing momentum of the company is fuelling further aspirations for growth and new opportunities in residential/commercial land and property. In addition, the company is rapidly establishing itself within the North West of England and beyond with an ambition to become one of the most respected quality residential developers.